Assignment operator

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Assignment operator (C )

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Assignment operators

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Assignment Operators

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C Assignment Operators

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Assignment operator (C++)

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Much of the work Assignment operator a program is done by evaluating expressions, either for their side effects, such as assignments to variables, or for their values, which can be used as arguments or operands in larger expressions, or to affect the execution sequence in statements, or both.

This chapter specifies the meanings of expressions and the rules for their evaluation. Support for constants (also known as "immutable variables"), i.e., variables which cannot be re-assigned new content. Notice: this only makes the variable itself immutable, not its assigned content (for instance, in case the content is an object, this means the object itself can still be altered).

@Praetorian The copy and swap idiom is good if you know an item can throw during the assignment operator or if you are working with software you haven't developed and don't know if a throw will occur. Assignment. Simple assignment operator which assigns a value to a variable.

The assignment operation evaluates to the assigned value. Chaining the assignment operator is possible in order to assign a single value to multiple variables. = Operator (C# Reference) 10/31/; 2 minutes to read Contributors.

all; In this article. The assignment operator = assigns the value of its right-hand operand to a variable, a property, or an indexer element given by its left-hand operand. The result of an assignment expression is the value assigned to the left-hand operand.

Assignment operator
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Assignment Operators