How to change your vehicles oil

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Should you change your own oil?

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How to change your car’s motor oil and filter

Benefits of changing your own oil. There are some benefits to changing your car’s oil yourself – such as saving a few dollars, knowing the job was done correctly, and the satisfaction of getting your. The #1 car maintenance item on your vehicle is changing the engine oil.

Checking your automobles engine oil is painless. This blog explains what oil does for your engine, how to check the level, how to read the oil dipstick, and how to know if your engine oil is good or bad.

This includes the type of oil best suited for the vehicle and how often to change oil. Local dealerships, like in Granger, IA, can provide a great resource for collectors who don’t want to perform their own maintenance.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your car running more efficiently for longer is to regularly change the oil and oil filter.

Over time, oil breaks down and the contaminants and debris clog the filter, making cooling the engine more difficult and risking the life of the car. Changing your car’s engine oil is actually easy.

You just have to have the correct tools for the job and an understanding of how to perform the oil change and you should be doing great. You should change your oil and filter at or before the end of the oil-change intervals provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

How to Do an Oil Change for Your Car

These intervals are based on mileage or time. By doing this, you can help keep your engine oil in good condition and provide the best protection for all your components.

How to Change Oil How to change your vehicles oil
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