Personal motivations that define your career aspirations

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What is your long term career aspiration? You may receive an answer that focuses on his or her long-term and short-term career goals and objectives based on his/her career path planning. This article provides samples of career aspirations for people who want to set up their career road-map.

Career selection requires self-assessment as well as exploration into the various courses that are available. Learn how you can choose the right career.

Our unique Executive MBA programme, delivered in partnership with Grant Thornton combines the best of academic insight and commercial application. We’ll use this to help you develop your leadership and management skills with a specific focus on business growth and innovation.

Career aspirations are simply the goals you've set out to achieve in either your current profession, or your desired profession.

What Are Your Values?

An example of how the term is used follows: My career aspirations. There may be ‘expertise-related’ questions, ‘personal questions’ and ‘motivational questions’ as well. If you are not well prepared, you might miss out the opportunity.

One of the most frequently asked motivational questions is, “What are you career aspirations?” i.e. – Describe your career aspirations.

Personal motivations that define your career aspirations
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